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What’s up With the Markets? Switching From Saving to Preserving in Retirement, Inflation, and Working With a Financial Advisor

May 2, 2022

There are many types of investments and accounts to choose from, and understanding the market and how to create a financial portfolio can be difficult to do on your own. In today’s episode, host Liz Smith is joined in conversation with Christine Eisenhower, Financial Advisor and Co-Owner at Blue Anchor Wealth Advisors, to discuss how a financial advisor can help you navigate saving for retirement. 


Christine became a certified financial advisor after spending many years as a corporate CPA. As an advisor, she is able to work one-on-one with clients and develop more of a personal relationship with them. Having a personal relationship is vital to both understanding and helping clients achieve their retirement goals. As an advisor, Christine helps her clients with all aspects of money management including: saving for retirement, understanding the impacts of inflation, learning about different options available for withdrawing or transferring funds, and making changes to your portfolio. 


Tune into this week’s episode of What’s Next to learn more about how a financial advisor can help you navigate the market, save for retirement, and make necessary changes to your financial portfolio.



• “As a Certified Financial Planner, my job is to have a holistic approach to financial planning and advice.” (14:04-14:11)

• “When you've spent seven years working and saving and suddenly, you’re just spending in what you would consider a frivolous manner, that's not an easy adjustment to make. But I am a cheerleader for spending and enjoying your money.” (21:47-22:02)

• “It is recommended that you open up an IRA custodian, it could be Charles Schwab, it could be any custodian. And you transfer the assets from those old retirement accounts into your IRA, and you get them all in the same place so you've got a bucket of money that's your retirement money.” (26:08-26:26)

• “Women have proven themselves to be better investors than men. And I think that, in my experience, that's because women are maybe a little bit more open to having a tribe around them of receiving that input of knowing that we can't really do it all. And that input of having an expertise, helps them be open to education, and long-term planning. Not to say that men aren’t. Men are very good investors, but the approach that men and women take to investing is very different.” (37:27-38:11)

• “Give yourself some grace, especially if you're going through something new.” (47:31-47:35)




Connect with Christine Eisenhower:

Website: https://blueanchorwealth.com/

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